3 Reasons White Supremacists Are Awful at Sex

Amie Burke
3 min readJun 7, 2022


So, you want to feel alright with an afternoon delight. Not get alt-righted in the bussy.

Here are a few reasons why you should stop fucking people who want to take away your rights and are violent white supremacists.

1.They are Selfish

You really think a person who is ready to throw away their lives to be a part of a fascist movement is going to be aware of your sexual needs? Hell no. White supremacists think they know what you want. They look at sex as a form of colonialism. You are a conquest, not a sexual partner to be respected. Good luck trying to tell a person who thinks they are the superior race anything about what you prefer between the sheets. They are two pump chumps and will brag to their buddies at the next Klan meeting about how they tore that ass up. No communication. No aftercare. Nothing but a very angry missionary session.

2.Bad for your health

White supremacists are preoccupied with thoughts of how they are way better than everyone else, even if they are not exactly the picture of health. It is known that white supremacists pass around various STDs/STIs like they are bootlegged copies of “The Turner Diaries”. They also think that washing their own ass is ‘gay’ and avoid doing it to impress other unwashed men. So you may want to steer clear of their unwashed asses so you don’t come down with a raging case of racist pink eye.

3.They are just not that good.

‘Master race’ my ass! White supremacists always have something going on below the belt that is just not that impressive. They are already showing you how ugly they are with their shitty ideology, you really think that what they got in their pants is going to be great? Nope. It’s proven science. There are many accounts from historians that Hitler had a weird dick. Stormy Daniels let us all know about the toadstool Trump has in his Depends. White supremacists are always touting how superior they are, but it’s all a deflection because they don’t know how to please anyone.

So, don’t fuck a white supremacist.

There are plenty of other sexual partners out in the world that will show you respect and a real good time. The new crop of white supremacists may have snappy haircuts and expensive suits, but underneath they hide tons of inadequacies that are real bummers in the bedroom. Plus, who wants to have sex with someone who is a coward. They are afraid they are going to be replaced. They will be. By lovers who know how to knock them boots, not just goose step around in them.


Amie Burke has been described as a ‘delightfully odd broad’. A freelancer creative who writes, performs, and creates various forms of art.



Amie Burke

Amie has been described as a ‘delightfully odd broad’. A freelancer creative who writes, performs, and creates various forms of art.